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Consultation Contract 

Therapist | Consultant | Coach 

Alishia McCullough (she/her) 

Black and Embodied Counseling and Consulting PLLC 


Consultation Contract 

This is an agreement between client name (consultee) and Alishia McCullough (consultant). The purpose of this professional relationship is to provide consultation around mental health treatment and healing to foster 

embodied liberation. This contract is effective upon signature and will continue until termination is agreed upon by both parties; 

Frequency of meetings: Once 

Duration of consultation session: 60 minute 

Type of consulting: Individual via Zoom 

Communication: I prefer communication via email and ask for at least 48 hours 

of grace period around responsiveness as I move away from the urgency of our fast paced society to honor my capacity and embodied living. For emergency situations, I can be reached on my mobile number at 336-312- 7379. Please keep time zone differences in mind. 


How I define consultation: I am bringing in my role as a Somatic Healer, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor and Mind-Body Psychotherapist, I am operating in the role of a 

consultant, meaning that my services are not a replacement for ongoing personal therapy. Due to the nature of our work together, there is sure to be overlap AND my role is to offer guidance and empowerment around the beautiful work that lives through you and the work that you were called to this earth to bring forth. 

The way that I work: I offer suggestions, reframes, and feedback that is supportive and in alignment to your growth. I veer away from offering advice, unless it is agreed upon within our contract because I trust that you are ultimately the expert of yourself and I want you to reclaim and trust your own intuition and wisdom. 

Preferred Modalities: 

Trauma Focused, Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Anti- 

Oppression, Non-Western modalities such as Black feminism, Decolonial Therapy, Rest & Play, Indigenous African 

Wisdom, Spiritual and Energetic Healing, Dream Interpretation and Oracle, Feminine Embodiment Coaching (currently enrolled). 

2. Supervisor/Consultant Scope Of Practice - Brief description of work, qualifications and practice 

Greetings! Thank you for trusting me to work with you and be with you on your journey of unfolding to all of the goodness that is within you around this work. I expand my knowledge and wisdom beyond my academic education. I am an intuitive healer who went into the field of mental health therapy. I am a writer and poet, and a heart-centered entrepreneur. I give thanks to those that came before me, whose shoulders I lean on, that guide me, and walk with me in this lifetime. 

My introduction to eating disorders and disordered eating came from my own lived experience growing up with disordered eating patterns that were normalized in my racialized community. At the time I did not have language for what was happening until graduate school when I felt a resonance and pull towards the eating disorder specialty. My listening to the inner voice aka my intuition sent me down the path towards getting my academic degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a speciality in College Counseling and a focus in Eating Disorders. While in graduate school I had the opportunity to intern in a college counseling center where I facilitated eating disorder and body image groups, and worked with folks 1:1 around eating disorder concerns. I graduated in 2018, and gained most of my early experience within the university setting in the college counseling field while also working as a Certifications Specialist for the National Board for Certified Counselors. Post graduation, I operated in the role of the Senior Staff Psychotherapist and led groups focused on eating disorders and personal relationships and oversaw and coordinated groups and workshops for the organization on a variety of topics. I also was a part of a variety of hiring committees, and volunteered across higher education departments for a variety of mental health events.


In 2020, I left college counseling to pursue contract work in a group private practice setting where I had more flexibility around working with more Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of the Global Majority (BBIPGM) around their eating disorder in combination with race-based trauma and healing. In all of my work I have seen thousands of clients who have shared that our work together was the first time they were able to come into a deeper relationship with their bodies and heal their relationship to food. I have partnered with business and offered teaching, training, workshops, and virtual public speaking events to raise awareness and offer education about eating disorders in BBIPGM communities worldwide. I have had the opportunity to work with many mental health agencies to present on the importance of Practicing Anti- Colonial Therapy within Mental Health and was named in Self Magazine as an influential Mental Health Therapist in 2020. I have been a keynote speaker in conferences like "The Future Is Embodied" in Australia and the first ever BIPOC Eating Disorders Conference in 2021, to discuss eating disorders in Black communities. My work has been featured in many podcasts such as Embodiment For The Rest of Us and When We Speak, and featured in publications such as Forbes, Bustle, Target, Essence, BlackGirlNerds and others. I am currently co- leading a virtual eating disorder support group for Black folks internationally and co-founded the global movement calling for change and action within the eating disorders field called AmplifyMelantedVoices. I began supervising and consulting with folks 1:1 in 2021, and have an amazing relationship with my clients, and colleagues and have supported them in growing in their career and business endeavors related to eating disorders, healing, and other mental health work. You can see more of my work at and on instagram @blackandembodied. 

Educational Trainings and Certificates 

Early College High School Program, 2014 

Associates of Arts Degree, 2014 

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, 2016 minor Sociology 

Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Therapy, 2018 

Feminine Embodiment Coaching, current 

EMDR Training Part 1, 2022 

The Embodied Social Justice Leadership Depth Track, 2022 

The Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program, 2022 

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate, 2021 

Ancestral Lineage Healing, 2021 

Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folks, 2020 

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 2018 

I have received numerous continual education credits in Trauma, Eating Disorders, and Somatic Therapy. I have also received a certificate in Psycho-Spirituality for Trauma Healing through the Institute of Chicanx Psychology. 

3. Energetic and Reciprocal Relationship 

Due to the nature of our current colonial-capitalist society we are conditioned to be in a transactional 

relationship with each other, and have become disconnected from the human element of connection and communication. I like to start every session with a check-in to slow us down and move into a relationship with our humanity. I ask that you show up and bring your full self into our work, I ask that you are present during our time together, and that you ask for what you need. Please speak from your heart and honor your energetic and 

emotional boundaries. I am working with folks from all places, spaces and social and cultural identities. I ask that before our engagement that you consider the areas where you hold privilege and oppression, and I will do the same so that we are mindful and open about how those dynamics are showing up in our work together. This is a conversation that I will likely circle back to in our first session or consult call to ensure that we are a good fit. 

While I am moving away from the colonial concept of "ownership" and into a dynamic of stewardship to the work that I am doing. I honor that the work that I do is an expression of my lived experience and the ancestral and energetic forces that walk with me. While there may be resonance and similarities in the work that we are opening and co-creating, I ask that you do not steal, appropriate, or plagiarize my work. I do not take what I do lightly and hold it in a very sacred way. It is okay to reference my work and I ask that you do give me credit, if I find out that my work is being used in a harmful way such as stealing, appropriating, or plagiarizing I will call it out and call it in, and have the loving boundaries for myself and the work that I do to pursue legal action if 


As I embody the spirit of reciprocity and receiving in our dynamic I ask that as we close off and walk our sacred paths that you would kindly offer me a testimonial as an act of appreciation for our work together. Upon completion of our work together I will send out a link for folks to write in testimonial, you may choose to be 



 4. Finances 

We are agreeing to the energetic exchange including the cost of the course. When I am engaging in consultation with a company that uses payroll, I will work with the accountant to navigate direct deposit or a mailed check. I ask that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, if not you will be billed for the full fee of the session. If the fee is not resolved then I will send a reminder follow up and if I do not hear from you within 48 hours I will terminate the agreement until payment is made in full. This is to respect my time and commitment of offering this space and my emotional capacity and preparing around holding space. 

This contract is subject to revision at any time if it no longer feels in energetic alignment, upon the request of either the supervisee/consultee or the supervisor/consultant. A formal review, however, will be conducted every 

six months and revisions to the contract will be made only with consent of the supervisee/consultee, and approval of the supervisor/consultant. We agree, to the best of our ability, to uphold the guidelines specified in this supervision contract and to manage the supervisory/consultant relationship. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the contract before signing it :) 

I understand that the consultation session for Reimagining Eating Disorders 101 must be booked by May 31st, 2023, Alishia will reach out via email to schedule the consultation session. I agree that if I do not book my call before May 31st, 2023 that I forfeit my right to the consultation service for this course, no 

confirms my agreement and understanding of this boundary. 

Land Acknowledgement and Life Honoring Practice: I am currently located on the land of the Piscataway and Nacotchtank (Anacostan) peoples. I show reverence for the original stewards of Turtle Island, and offer my deepest gratitude to the Black, Brown and Indigenous folks who were forcibly removed from their land and tended to and fostered a regenerative relationship with Turtle Island and Indigenous land globally. I honor the elevated ancestors that are with me both living and dead. The higher powers that guide me, my guides, deities, orisa. The spirits that keep me. the water spirit, elements (rock, air, fire, earth mother, and honor my elder species and spiritual beings, plants, animals, cosmic matter seen and unseen. I am one piece of the collective tapestry that connects both past, present, and future and I honor our beingness and connectedness in working together. -Ase" 

Alishia McCullough 


Alishia McCullough 

My signature


Signed: Mar 6, 2023 


BlackandEmbodied TM Counseling and Consulting PLLC 2020 

Disclaimer: All literary content is the property of Alishia McCullough. There are no derivative works, adaptations, printing or publishing without authorization from Alishia McCullough. 

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