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Knowledge Without Practice Makes But Half An Artist.

(A Sierra Leonean Proverb)

Hey, I'm 


I'm Alishia McCullough, Somatic Healer, Author, and Culture Shifter.

Alishia McCullough (Pronouns: she/her) is a millennial Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist and Owner of Black and Embodied Counseling and Consulting PLLC.  As a practitioner I specialize in somatic therapy, trauma healing, and eating disorder treatment with a focus on cultivating embodiment and fostering anti-oppression. Alishia is the author of Reclaiming The Black Body (2024). I have experience in mental health therapy, coaching, business consultation, writing, and a variety of healing modalities. I center the intersectional narratives of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, dual-heritage, and individuals indigenous to the global south, and/or those who have been racialized as 'ethnic minorities' experiencing mental and emotional distress. I also specializes in working with folks living with eating disorders and upholds the values of body justice and fat liberation within Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC). The intention within my  professional work is to join with you in your journey towards healing and self-reclamation. My passion areas include Anti-Oppression, Racial Healing, Somatic Abolition, and Decolonization, and I have been recognized as a major contributor to the field of Black Mental Health in publications such as Bustle. I am also the co-founder of the Amplify Melanated Voices Movement, which has been featured in magazines, blogs, and gained international following and engagement. My work has been featured by Target, Times OC, Bustle, Popsugar, BlackGirlNerds and Forbes. You can find more of my living and work on Instagram: @blackandembodied, for questions, collaborations, and partnerships send me an email at 



  • I am a Manifesting Generator human design type and ENFJ personality type (this is how business gets done so quickly and how I form so many diverse social connections) 

  •  Aquarius ☀️ Sagittarius 🌙 Leo ⬆️

  • I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro twice (undergrad + grad) 

  • I published a poetry book during my last year of graduate school called Blossoming! 

  • I am a lover of  tropical climates…Tulum, Mexico has my heart 🌴💛


Born in a small  town of Washington North Carolina, my path has expanded in ways that I never imagined. I am a Black woman living in America and was the first person in my family to graduate from a four year institution with my bachelors of arts degree in psychology following a master’s of science degree in clinical mental health counseling at the age of 23. I am often described as an “old soul” because of my inner wisdom and all that I have accomplished in the short time I have been on this earth. While I am proud of my educational accomplishments, I also credit the cultivation of knowledge and wisdom beyond the confounds of academia. I am organically an embodied healer who pursued the path of formal mental health therapy. I am a writer and poet, and a heart-centered entrepreneur. I give thanks to teachers, guides, and ancestors that came before me, whose shoulders I lean on, that guide me, and walk with me in this lifetime. I have had the opportunity to study and experience many different therapeutic practices that are indigenous to my own ancestral lineages. I have had many initiatory experiences that have shaped my role as a leader, and have been on many psychospiritual journeys that have informed my own healing. 

Medical Qigong (5 Elements and Inner Alchemy) Certificate, 2023  

Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification, 2023

Elevate Mastermind: Ancestral and Business Healing with Ash Johns, 2022

The Embodied Social Justice Leadership Depth Track, 2022

The Embodied Social Justice Certificate Program, 2022

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate, 2021

Igbo Naming Ceremony Initiate, 2021 

Ancestral Lineage Healing Program with Dr. Daniel Foor, 2021 

Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folks, 2020 

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy 2018

Integrative University Mental Health Therapy 2017-2020 


I have received numerous continual education credits in Trauma Treatment, Eating Disorders, and Somatic Therapy. I have also received a certificate in Psycho-Spirituality for Trauma Healing through the Institute of Chicanx Psychology.  and have attended many trainings and summits to reclaim indigenous african spirituality such as the annual Black Spirit Solstice Summit and Hoodoo 101 training. 

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How do I support my own self-care (walk the walk) aka take in my own medicine

Restorative yoga, grounding and meditation, and intention setting, connection to a  higher power, community, personal somatic and mental health therapy, spiritual healing and coaching, energy clearing, sacred earth medicine, spending time with my “fur baby”. 


I am most known for my work within the eating disorders field. My introduction to eating disorders and disordered eating came from my own lived experience growing up with disordered eating patterns that were normalized in my racialized community. At the time I did not have language for what was happening until graduate school when I felt a resonance and pull towards the eating disorder specialty. Listening to my inner voice aka my intuition sent me down the path towards getting my academic degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a speciality in College Counseling and a focus in Eating Disorders. While in graduate school I had the opportunity to intern in a college counseling center where I facilitated eating disorder and body image groups, and worked with folks 1:1 around eating disorder concerns. I graduated in 2018, and gained a unique and rich experience of working in an integrative college counseling center. I operated in the role of the Senior Staff Psychotherapist and led groups focused on eating disorders, art therapy, and intimate relationships focused on attachment theory and childhood trauma. During this time I coordinated the groups and workshops program for the university counseling center. In 2020, I left college counseling to pursue work in private practice where I had more agency around working with more Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of the Global Majority (BBIPGM) around eating disorders in combination with race-based trauma and healing. In all of my work I have supported thousands of clients who have shared that our work together was the first time they were able to come into a deeper relationship with their bodies and heal their relationship to food. I have partnered with business organizations and offered teaching, training, workshops, and virtual public speaking events to raise awareness and offer education about eating disorders in BBIPGM communities worldwide. I have been a keynote speaker in conferences like “The Future Is Embodied” in Australia to discuss eating disorders in Black communities. My work has been featured in many podcasts such as Embodiment For The Rest of Us and When We Speak, and featured in publications such as Forbes, Bustle, Target, BlackGirlNerds and others. I am currently co-leading a virtual eating disorder support group for Black folks internationally. In 2020, my colleague Jessica Wilson and I  co-founded the global movement AmplifyMelantedVoices focused on recentering the narratives and expertise of BBIPGM in the eating disorders field. I began supervising and consulting with fellow healthcare professionals 1:1, and have an amazing relationship with my clients, and colleagues and have supported them in growing in their career and business endeavors related to the eating disorders, somatic healing, embodiment, and holistic liberation.


Preferred Healing Modalities: Trauma Focused, Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Anti-Oppression, Non-Western modalities such as Black feminism, Ancestral Healing, Decolonial Therapy, Rest & Play, Indigenous African Wisdom and Spiritual Traditions, Akashic Records, Feminine Embodiment,  Esoteric, Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Numerology, Oracle Readings, Qigong, Chakra system, Yoga, Plant Medicine. 


Full CV available upon request



Amber McCullough (she/her)
Asset Designer, Creative Contributor

  • Instagram

Amber McCullough (she/her) is a Interior and Furniture Designer with a passion for visualization. As a design professional, she enhances the interiors of commercial buildings, focusing specifically on the end user experience. Her work has been nationally recognized and featured in Stir Magazine, Southern Home, and O'Henry Magazine. As a multi-faceted creative, Amber uses a variety of mediums to express ideas and concepts. As an Asset Designer at Black and Embodied, she creates and edits visual communication to attract people who share a common goal of upholding the values of body justice and fat liberation within Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC) communities. Amber prides herself on being a lifelong learner and enjoys traveling, reading books, and hobbies that allow for self-expression. You can follow her work and various passions on Instagram: @ambermstudio

I'm incredibly grateful for Alishia's expertise and guidance. I saw Alishia for both consultation and clinical supervision. As a black nutritional therapist who works in eating disorder and trauma recovery, I struggled to find my voice when wanting to focus my work on black women. Moreover, it can feel very isolating working in a profession and area of expertise where there aren't many other practitioners of colour. With Alishia's very compassionate yet direct approach I felt able to speak out and validate my challenges. This left me feeling motivated and empowered to follow my instinct and create content and a community that is centred around black women. Huge thanks to Alishia and the wonderfully safe and healing space that she created in order for me to take this very important step in my career and advocacy.

- Kaysha Thomas (she/her) from the United Kingdom



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