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Alishia McCullough




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I'm Alishia McCullough, Somatic Healer, Author, and Culture Shifter.

What the space is:

“The Essence of  Healing and Reclaiming Wholeness” 

The mission of BlackandEmbodied™  is to provide holistic healing for folks who desire internal healing, growth, and freedom. We support you in healing through inherited trauma, food disruptions, and body dis-ease that prevent you from being fully embodied and at peace within yourself. The work entails addressing the imprints of systemic oppression on a personal and collective level so that folks may experience increased emotional, physical, mental and spiritual liberation.

Black and Embodied ™ is a heart centered business aimed at transforming the culture. We uphold feminine centric and anti-capitalist work ethics. Our company and staff are dedicated to our values around social justice and cultivating an anti-oppression embodiment both personally and professionally. We are a trustworthy, creational, and connection oriented business. Our company prides itself on being empowered, compassionate and down to earth.

I first learned of Alishia McCullough from her incredible Instagram presence of Black and Embodied. I was so inspired by her joint #amplifymelanatedvoices movement and all of her wisdom and extraordinary calls to action. As a private practice therapist, I reached out to Alishia for consultation to ensure I was doing my best by my Black clients seeking body sovereignty support. Working with Alishia has changed my work forever! While working with her, I embarked on creating two podcasts. In addition to case consultation, Alishia has helped me examine my own biases, marginalization, and privilege in order to be a more embodied social worker and human overall. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Alishia McCullough. If you are looking for a coach to elevate the racial justice and/or body sovereignty passion in your life or work, she is a perfect fit. Her kindness, humor, honesty, and unique, invaluable voice are gifts to us all.

- Chavonne McClay (she/her) from New Mexico

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Eating Disorder Course

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Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

Alishia McCullough created Black and Embodied to provide healing and coaching services tailored to the Black community. The Reimagining Eating Disorder is a 5-part series of workshops that aims to create a comprehensive approach to treating eating disorders for practitioners, particularly those who serve Black and other marginalized communities.

Black and Embodied offers a transformative approach to address eating disorders and cultivate body-acceptance. Our self-paced, comprehensive course, includes bonus content and inspiring guest speakers to support you on your healing journey.


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