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Healing Is A Journey

I Would Love To Join You On Your Path


The intention behind my work is to join you on your path towards healing and self-reclamation. I advocate for the liberation of Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority experiencing mental, emotional, and spiritual distress, often rooted in settler colonization and systemic oppression.


My work utilizes therapeutic healing modalities of Somatic Abolition, Feminine Embodiment, Womanism, and  Anti-Oppression. The passion of my work is to amplify the voices and experiences of BIPOC folks who  live with many intersectional social identities. The process of my work aims to uproot the subconscious ideologies that have been internalized into our sense of self as a byproduct of surviving within oppressive systems. My work guides humans into establishing foundations rooted in holistic liberation, body sensitivity, self-reclamation, inner truth, and empowerment.



Are you a person of the global majority (PGM) which is a term that refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or have been racialized as 'ethnic minorities'?


Have you felt overwhelmed, stuck,  hopeless, and alone lately? 

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color/the Global Majority are often socialized to internalize the oppression that we have experienced. This internalization can lead to anxiety, depression, stagnation, shame, guilt, rage and a myriad of other feelings and emotions that may manifest in unhelpful ways and contribute to an overwhelming sense of being disconnected from yourself.

I hold space for us to process and channel our feelings and emotions in ways that support our healing and liberation. I help folks process the impact of living in a racialized society, and work through the residual trauma that often presents itself  as tension, stagnation and discomfort within our bodies.

You deserve to feel whole and at peace within yourself!


Values Hierarchy





What is Embodiment? Somatic Healing? and Why is it important?


Embodiment is learning the language of our bodies. Our bodies communicate to us on a sensation, emotional and feelings level; however in a culture dominated by patriarchy, capitalism, supremacy culture, and colonialism we have learned to turn down the volume and our internal sensitivity, on the wisdom that comes through and resides within the body. Embodiment is where doing becomes being, we are human beings not humans doing. This means that you are inhabiting yourself and allowing yourself to occupy your body, self-actualizing fully and coming into your essence, spirit, or fully divine self. 


Man-made systems of patriarchy, hypermasculinity, capitalism, supremacy culture and colonialism value the rational, logical, intellectual, thinking self, which contributes to all of our energy being drawn from other areas of our bodies up into the shoulder, neck, head and mind.  That concentrated energy is projected out into the world, causing us to become consumed with what others will think about us, what is the “right” thing to do, or how we are measuring up to the expectations of others. Because of this we tend to lose sensitivity to the lower half of the body from the neck down, and we turn down the volume, sensitivity, and value of what we receive from our hearts, our wombs etc. When we have little energy left in the lower half of our body we find ourselves confused and disconnected from the emotions or cycles that we go through. We may even describe ourselves as numb or disconnected.


This pattern of disembodiment shows up in every body regardless of race, class, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender identity, nationality; HOWEVER for those who have had to cut off parts of themselves to survive in a culture that values patriarchy, hierarchies, hypermasculinity, white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism there are more ways that we have learned to suppress, turn down, and shut down parts of ourselves to survive in these environments that do not affirm our existence, and there are less opportunities and physical spaces that offer room for us to return back to our bodies to experience more presence, safety, connection, belonging, dignity, and autonomy.  

When we have all of our energy in our heads and out of our bodies we may experience: 

-An inability to feel our desires, or our truth

-An inability to make decisions 

-We make decisions based on societal expectations 

-Feeling dry or devoid of pleasure in the body

-Numbness or stagnation 

-Feeling a small amount of emotional bandwidth or struggle to identify how we feel

-We may turn to unhelpful patterns like drinking, negative food relationship, or other avoidance tendencies to cope 

-We may get into patterns of overthinking and going in circles with no resolution 

-We compartmentalize and cut off parts of ourselves 

What this means for the body:

-not understanding what you are feeling

-feeling ungrounded 

-unsafe in the body

-unable to decipher inner wisdom and guidance

-dishonoring our bodies 

-our bodies being in chronic states of survival (flight, flight, freeze, appease, collapse etc.) 

-the development of stagnation, fatigue, tension and constriction in the body that keeps us stuck

-chronic illness, digestive issues, immune system issues, dis-ease 

When we are in embodying ourselves we are more sensitive to the sensations, emotions and feelings that come from the dimensions of the physical body, mental body, emotional body, energetic/spiritual body. We are more in able to:

  • Connect to the flow of who we are (inner essence, qi, energy) 

  • Access the full spectrum of gifts born in our divine nature 

  • Navigate life and make decisions in alignment with our desires 

  • Expand our capacity to feel and prioritize pleasure 

  • Experience congruence with the truth of who we are 

  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Discern and express our inner trust 

  • Experience magnetism 

  • Reduce stress and increase ease 

What is Somatics? 

The “Soma” is the Greek word for body. The practice of somatics is an inquiry into knowing ourselves and the world around us, by listening to the body and its language. Somatic Therapy or Somatic Healing offers the practice, tools, and guidance for our embodiment journey. Somatics is a mind-body practice that incorporates the use of neurobiology, physiology and psychology to address trauma in the autonomic nervous system responsible for our sense of safety and threat to reduce stress and restore equilibrium. 


The use of somatics and embodiment is important because it helps us to heal our body and restore harmony. It helps us experience more ease, liberation, flow, safety, dignity, belonging, autonomy, and connection to ourselves and others. We exist in a society where we are significantly disembodied and living in scarcity and disconnection from ourselves and others. Embodiment restores our connection to abundance. 


I started the journey of Black and EmbodiedTM from my experience as a southern Black woman living in America seeking to heal through the intergenerational and present day impacts of systematic oppression. Like you, I have also felt body disconnection, depression, and anxiety that were rooted in my own internalized limitations as a result of colonization, white supremacy and capitalism. I began to unpack the many layers of "not feeling good enough" and sat with emotions of isolation, shame and guilt. Through the journey, I uncovered something beautiful, I found that I already had everything within me that I was seeking externally through education, acquiring more wealth, accolades, and acheivement. I found expansion to exist fully in my truth and the confidence to assert my inner authority through the relationship I cultivated with turning up my sensitivity to my own body wisdom. Within these discoveries I was able to begin the journey of healing patterns of disembodiment that were stored in my body from intergenerational and present day trauma. I began to show up authentically and honor the many gifts & blessings that I have inherited and earned within this lifetime. I want others to experience the wholeness that comes with the process of embodiment, seeking your truth, and integrating the fullness of your unique mind, body, and soul blueprint. 

"History is your future, one day you will meet yourself back where you started, but stronger"


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