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Let Me Join You On Your Path

Healing Is A Journey 


The intention behind my work is to join you on your journey towards healing and self-reclamation. I center the narratives of Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority experiencing mental and emotional distress that is often rooted in settler colonization and oppression. Together we will utilize therapeutic healing modalities rooted in Black psychology to cultivate liberation and trauma healing. The purpose of my work is to bring truth to our existence as Black and Brown folks who live with many intersectional identities. And to dismantle and uproot the subconscious ideologies that have been internalized/injected into our sense of self as a  byproduct of surviving within oppressive systems.


Magnified Grass

Are you a person of the global majority (PGM) which refers to people who are Black, Asian, Brown, dual-heritage, indigenous to the global south, and or have been racialised as 'ethnic minorities'?


Have you felt overwhelmed, hopeless, and alone lately? 

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color/the Global Majority are often socialized to internalize the oppression that we have experienced. This internalization can lead to anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, and rage that may manifest in unhelpful ways.

I  hold space for us to process and channel our emotions in ways that support our healing and liberation. I help folks process the impact of racial trauma, and work through ancestral trauma that often presents as tension and discomfort within our bodies.

You deserve to feel whole and at peace within yourself! 

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I started the journey of Black and Embodied from my experience as a Black woman living in America struggling to heal through the impacts of systematic oppression and racism. Like you, I have also felt disconnection, depression, and anxiety that were rooted in my own internalized/injected oppression as a result of colonization and systematic oppression. I began to unpack the many layers of feeling "not good enough" and feelings of isolation and guilt. Through the journey, I uncovered something beautiful, that being radical truth and connection to the self. Through this discovery of my radical truth, I was able to begin the journey of connecting back to my authentic self while honoring ancestral wisdom and intuition. This connection has served as a rebirth for me and has offered me both peace and joy. I want others to experience the wholeness that comes with the process of embodiment and liberation.

"History is your future, one day you will meet yourself back where you started, but stronger"



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