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Somatic Therapy for Body Image

  • 1 h
  • Sliding Scale
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Service Description

The basis of the body liberation consultation is rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist theory and practice. This is an offering is for practioners who are seeking consultation and supervision around working with Black, Indigenous, People of the Global Majority that are living with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image concerns. Consultation will be centered on: 1) Unpacking the ways that eurocentric body ideals and colonized body ideals have impacting the relationships that we have with our bodies. 2) Naming the systems that have contributed to body disconnection and alienation. 3) Defining individual and collective body liberation through the power of intuitive/internal knowing and healing with clients. 4) Creating new internal systems (practice, policies, and language) that is rooted in empowerment and liberation. 5) I approach the body liberation work when addressing eating disorders and disordered eating from an fat acceptance orientation. This means that I do not prescribe diets, weight loss, or any other framework that would encourage my clients to take up less space. I also do not demonize fatness and actively challenge and uproot anti-fat and fatphobic sentiments and biases that I have internalized- I invite those that I work with to do the same. How To: 1) Reach out to me via email at 2) I will offer a 15 minute phone consultation for us to determine if our values align around this work and discuss consultation rates. 3) If this is mutually a good fit we will move forward to scheduling a time for ongoing consultation. Rates: Equity pricing; $200 for white folks and those with no lived experience of racial marginalization, $100 for BI&PoC. --60 minute consult via zoom or in person. Topics and/or case consult.

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